Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday morning

Yesterday it rained a lot all night, and this morning i woke up very early because of the noises. today also rained but less than yesterday. now my hands are freezing cold and the weather is getting cold day by day, i really hate the cold of autumn!. 
my mom and i saw at h&m a warm and beautiful coat,it is expensive and i haven't money because i spent it all. but she told me that she's gonna buy it for me on sunday.  i hope that tomorrow the rain stopped and the weather will be nice and not cold, finally. 


  1. oh, how nice of her getting you the coat. and cute socks. have a nice weekend, Lian! :)

  2. Stunning photos lian!
    How wonderful for you that you will get a new coat :-)
    Have a lovely weekend without rain!!!


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