Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 days for my birthday!

here are some random photos of my breakfast at the restaurant in the mall yesterday.
While three days is my birthday and i'm so excited,i'm going to celebrate properly because in the previous years i didn't celebrated as i should celebrate and i didn't really enjoy so i need to appreciate myself a little bit more.
something else i wanted to tell you is that yesterday i went alone for a trip in the mall and after in the town and i bought to myself an amazing booties! it's been a long time i was looking for booties that i really like and finally i found the perfect ones for me!. i promise to show you them tomorrow, because today i didn't had time to take photos of them.


  1. תתחדשי על המגפונים מתוקה!
    אני ממש סקרנית לראות אותן כבר. מחכה לתמונות :-)
    מזל טוב אני אאחל לך רק בעוד 3 ימים. לא עכשיו. אסור!
    נשיקות מתוקה <3

    1. thanks vered!so nice to hear that from you!♥

  2. Can't wait to see your booties! Happy birthday in advance! I like having "me" time especially while at the mall so I can take my time browsing =)



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