Thursday, February 7, 2013

sunny day after the rain.

t-shirt: pull&bear / jeans: h&m / booties: mag.
Today was a very beautiful and sunny day after almost a week of rainy and depressing weather. my day was great, i went to the mall with my mom and my dad and we did a crazy shopping, i bought two t-shirts and black skinny jeans (i'll show you the purchases maybe tomorrow). anyway, tomorrow it's weekend and i hope that the weather will stay like this but i don't have plans yet, you have?

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  1. איזה תמונות מקסימות!
    תתחדשי על הפריטים החדשים מהיום.
    ויש לך עוקבת חדשה באינסטגרם. אני :-)
    נשיקות וסופ"ש מקסים מהממת!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! and i also following you.have a great day!♥


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