Friday, March 8, 2013

friday morning...

good morning and happy friday guys!, today is the birthday of my little sister, she's 7 years old now and this is the only reason i made these decorated cute cakes because she really likes the cakes i bake and i wanted to share with you the pictures i took during the work on i'm very tired (and i'ts not only because of making the cakes it is also because i didn't slept good at night), then i have other things to do so i can't write much. anyway, i didn't got my new lenses i bought on ebay yet but it should come this week and i'm super excited to try them!


  1. the cakes are so lovely, especially the butterfly! it was very thoughtful for you to make them for your sister xxx

    1. Ohhh, so fun to hear this from you sophie!♥♥ nice to know you liked the way i decorate the cakes!


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