Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's you it's you, it's all for you.

 Photos taken on monday.
Hey guys!, a few days ago i went to victoria's secret store and i bought this amazing white lace bra!, i'ts the first time that i getting something form there and i'm quite excited and i don't really want to wear it because it's so much beautiful! ( haha, i know you think that i'm completely idiot now). anyway, now i'm in a good mood... i just want to enjoy these amazing sunny days and to take my camera with me all the time because of all the lovely flowers that blooming! Ohh, i'm feeling like a stupid flowers-girl from a small and unfamiliar village at the end of the world. 


  1. Lovely post!

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  2. VS is such a cool shop, I went in there a few times when I was on holiday in Miami. They only have one store in the UK and that's in London xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

    1. yes I agree with you,this is such a very cool shop! have a great weekend! ♥


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