Wednesday, April 24, 2013

vanilla patchouli

on monday i got a very lovely gift from one of my friends, i'ts a super lovely and romantic diffuseur  from one of my favorite cosmetic and beauty shops, the packaging was so beautiful and especially in my favorite color so i decided to share with you the pictures.
anyway, yesterday i had a really busy and fun day, at morning i went with my mom for some shopping trip at the city then i went back home, ate a very quick lunch,i organized my room with the new things i bought ( i bought a few things for my room and i'll show you later), afternoon i went with my mom and my little sister to a special event from school,we ate a very delicious food, talked to our friends and we came home at around 20:30, finally i was thrown to my bed and watched my favorite daily tv show.


  1. what a sweet packaging + sounds like a great day :)

    1. thank you steff!♥. it is so lovely packaging and yes, it was a really fun day!


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