Tuesday, May 14, 2013

around this top

blouse: zara / shorts: h&m / shoes: news
Good morning friends!,today i'm showing you what i wore yesterday and i remember that i showed you an outfit with this blouse already but i really can't stop wearing it lately, i love the cool silver "necklace" on the top and it just looks perfect with any pair of jeans i have. another thing i want to tell you is that today we have a special meal with the family and i'm going to bake with my mom cheese cake now, so bye bye for this time and have a great day!


  1. comfy outfit, i love this shirt!


  2. thats a really cool shirt, love the print and the beaded necklace on it. so cool and chic!

    1. thank you so much steff!♥, i also really like the beaded necklace on it, it makes it really cool!


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