Tuesday, May 7, 2013

getting ready for summer.

The days becoming warmer and warmer and i think that summer is coming very soon in here, so i want to show you this product that i'm using all the time in spring and summer time which called "veet in-shower hair removal cream" it comes with a little cute spong and i chose to use this product after a lot of sucks things that i used and this one is perfect for me because it's not hurt, the smell is not that bad, it makes the skin feel so soft and smooth after and it took exactly 3 minutes to remove all the hair from the part you want and of course it's dermatologically tested. 


  1. I use Gilette Venus to shave my legs but I might try this out as well soon :) thanks for the tip, gal!

    1. Ohh,no problem steff!♥ i didn't try that gilette venus, i will try this! and thank you for the information.


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