Sunday, September 8, 2013

new start

In these last days we had a few days free from work and school because it was a new year holiday after the summer vacation, we had a lot of  family dinners and i ate a bit too much from all the sweets and in these pics you can see the super cute brownies with bee decorating on the top.
anyway, yesrerday afternoon i got as a gift a new iphone and no, it is not the iphone 5 it is the iphone 4s  but the only only reason i want the 4s is because  i don't really like the shape of the 5.
now you guys, have a lovely time and great new week!


  1. These are such cute cupcakes. And what a lovely gift you got. I have the iPhone5 and I actually like the design better since its thinner but the 4s is not a bad choice either.

    1. Thank you so much steffy!♥, and yes, i also think that the 4s is not a bad choice!


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